If you're reading this, then you probably have a new hat that doesn't fit quite right. Whether its too large or too small, there are ways to make it fit without having to buy a whole new size. Keep reading find solutions to your hat sizing dilemma.

My Hat is Too Small:

If your hat is slightly too small for you, the solution is simple: stretch it! It sounds crazy, but hats are capable of stretching an entire size. This can be done using a hat stretcher, there are dozens available online, but we have linked the most affordable one below. This will save you time and money from exchanging your hat.

Amazon Hat Stretcher for Under $16: CLICK HERE

Note: Please read the the instructions provided by the seller before stretching your hat.

Amazon Hat Stretcher


My Hat is Too Large:

If your hat is too large, we suggest adding adhesive hat sizing foam to the inside of your hat. Hat sizing foam is great because you can add as little or as much as you want. If the hat is very loose, you can add it around all sides of the hat. If the hat is only a little loose, you can simply add a small strip to the back. 

8 inches of Hat Sizing Foam for $1.75: CLICK HERE

If your hat has a sweatband that lifts up, the foam can be stuck underneath the band. If your sweatband doesn't lift up, the foam can be stuck directly on top of it.

 Hat sizing foam shown inside hat

interior hat band


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