Tips to Keep Your Hats Looking New!

We have all been there. Whether it be a dirt mark or a dent, you feel complete and utter agony when you spot that tiny imperfection on your favorite hat! Now what? We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to write off your beautiful headwear and stick it to the back of your closet – you can save it with style! Here are 7 ways to increase the shelf life of your Willow Lane Hat!



Store your hat in a cool, dry place. Leaving your hat in a warm car or a damp barn can cause your hat to become misformed or dirty. We recommend storing your hat on its crown, upside down. Resting your hat on its brim for long periods of time can cause the hat to lose its shape.

Hat Cleaning Foam-

Made especially for dark fur-felt hats, the Bickmore Foaming Dark Hat Cleaner Spray tackles most water and oil-based stains, including perspiration and fingerprints, in a few easy steps. Sprayed directly where needed on the hat, the Foaming Dark Hat Cleaner goes on wet and dries as its lifts stains. Once fully dried, the cleaner easily brushes off leaving your hat clean and looking its best once more.


Your friend hopped in the front seat of your car without paying attention and sat on your beloved hat…now it has a less than desirable dent. Fear not! You don’t need an industrial hat steamer to fix this, just power up your handy-dandy clothes steamer and apply a light stream of steam in 5 second increments until the dent is gone. This works best for felt hats, but also works well on lacquered straw hats!


Cleaning Sponge-

Did you know that Willow Lane Hat Co sells sponges to clean your felt hat? They are an easy add on to your next order! Gently rub the sponge on the spot, brushing from front to back, and watch the magic happen! Simply clean the sponge by rinsing it with water. We suggest purchasing two; one for your light colored felt hats and one for your dark colored felt hats. If you use the same for both, the dark dye will rub on to your lighter hat…you don’t want that!

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Lint Roller-

This is a simple trick to clean your felt hats with something most people have on hand. Just run a lint roller over them! It does not get more simple than that!


Hat Sizing Tape-

You wore your favorite hat from Willow Lane Hat Co every other day for about a year and now it is a little big for your head. Now what? Our hat sizing tape is not only for new hats, but well-loved hats as well. This can be used on both straw and felt hat styles and is a great, affordable way to extend the life of any hat!


Wood Burning Pen (for Charlie 1 Horse)-

Sometimes the brand on your Charlie 1 Horse hat may flake off. It happens! Head to your local craft store and for less than $15 you can pick up a wood burning tool to fix this in a jiffy. We suggest using the smallest tip and doing so slowly while holding a piece of cardboard behind the crown (it can simply be a torn piece of a cardboard box flap). This way you will have more precision and a perfect brand again!

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  • Georgia Valenza : November 30, 2023
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    Thanks for the great help im only into hats for about 3 years and Im all the way in…thank you for finding me LOL..

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